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Resilient seated gate valve of Dayu has undergone three stages: independent research and development, in cooperation produce with the European enterprise, digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology and manufacturing.
   Product main features:
   1. Resilient Seated Gate Valve is flat bottom without grooves, using flexible rubber disc seal, no internal leakage.
   2. The stem has three O-rings, no leakage, has small friction when open and close.
   3. increased rail-oriented bars between disc and body, extended the disc lifetime greatly.
  4. Operation torque is much lower than the standard of Construction Ministry of China and European standard.
  5. Inside and outside disc frame is covered with environmentally friendly non-toxic food-grade rubber, long service life, can be directly used for direct drinking water.
  6. Valve internal and external use imported high-quality plastic powder, advanced processing technology to ensure the body does not rust.
  7. Use standardized production methods, the same specification of the valve components interchangeable.
  8. Resilient seated gate valve can open the bonnet to maintain in the pipeline.
  9. The casting surface adopt robot fluidized-bed spraying molten anti-corrosion epoxy resin, coating thickness is much larger than the national standard.
  10. A number of national leading surface quality inspections to ensure high-quality valves.