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Technological difficulties for high pressure valves need to break through in China Position:Home - News - Industry News

In present China valve market, high pressure valves still rely on import. There exists a large distance in terms of top technology between domestic and foreign valve manufacturers. Valve technology will become a bottle neck to restrain Chinese valve product development.

 Applications of valves include petroleum, chemical, power station, long distance conveying lines, ship building, nuclear industry, various low temperature projects, aerospace and ocean oil extraction. After many years development, number of China’s valve manufacturers have reached number one in the world. There are about 6,000 manufacturers, including 900 ones whose production value exceed 5 million Yuan RMB. They are capable to make valves applicable for a maximum temperature of 570, minimum temperature of -196, maximum pressure of 600 MPa and maximum size of 5,350 mm. Volume of transactions for valves per year is about 50 billion Yuan RMB in China, among which 10 billion is occupied by foreign valves.

 Most of domestic valve manufacturers are of small scale and of workshop style. They lack technology introduction and their products have quality problems, such as external leakage, inner leakage, worse appearance, shorter life, inconvenient operation and unreliable actuators. Compared to foreign valve makers, the whole domestic valve industrial structure and supply chain have lagged behind.

 Nevertheless, there still exists a broad prospect for domestic valve industry. China is implementing several trans-hundred year projects, such as West to East Natural Gas Transmission, West to East Power Transmission and South to North Water Diversion. These gigantic projects provide enormous opportunities for domestic valve manufacturers. The stringent task for domestic valve manufacturers is to upgrade research and development ability and continuously improve product technology and quality.